Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Birthday, business & house

Yesterday marked a milestone...Sierra's 9th birthday! My firstborn baby is growing up so fast. :o( She was excited of course, so that made everything better. She received her share of really great gifts (including a portable DVD player from Grandma!) and is still floating on Cloud 9 from it all. :o)

In other news, my Gabby Goodies business is growing! Yeah!!! Thank you, God! I've been praying that both businesses (Discovery Toys & GG) would grow to be a good second source of income for us. Especially now that we're looking into buying our first home.

I know God will provide the perfect house for us at the right time. We just have to be patient and save as much as we can to help with any unexpected costs that may come up during the process. That's where my sales and Dean's extra networking jobs come in. ;o)

Well that's about all the news for now. G'night!


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