Friday, December 17, 2004

Ministry & Business Update

As some of you already know, my friend Mrs. Sharon White and I publish a small quarterly magazine for conservative, Christian/Messianic, stay-at-home mothers. It's called "Shalom Bayit", which means "Peace in the Home". We could all use a little more peace in our lives, don't you think? ;o)

Our current subscriber count is 510. Woohoo! And we're currently in the process of putting together the next issue, which will hopefully be published through a local printing service. At first, it was my job to handle all the printing & mailing, but as our popularity increased, so did my work (obviously). I figured I could handle it, but quickly realized I needed help. (I hate admitting that! Ack! Pride issue!) Hence, the hope for an outside printer to take over.

In Gabby Goodies news, I've gained a new customer this week (thank you, Jessica!). Jessica & I actually went to Jr. high and part of high school together. :o) We hadn't spoken with each other in years, until the day Jessica found me via

Now, what's even more interesting about all this is: We both married computer technicians named "Dean", each have a son named "Ethan" and we both homeschool our children under the Child or Interest Led philosophy. Neat, huh? Guess we should've stayed in closer contact! (Heehee)

Hope you're all having a splendid day. Relax & don't get too worked up over the holiday season. ;o) It's not what it's all about.

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