Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Feeling Chatty

What a beautiful day we're having here in Washington! The sun is shining, birds are singing, bees are buzzing (ok, that part I'm not too thrilled with but still...) and my house is clean! ;o) Always a good thing!

The weather was so nice this morning that I decided to take the children on a walk up to the grocery store (about a quarter mile, round trip...not that far at all). I had only intended to get a few necessary items, but of course I walked out of there with a box of cupcakes for the kids to munch on the way home, plus bought them each a new coloring book. Oh well. That's what makes days like this so special, right? ;o) It's fun to do these things every now 'n then. (And really, I have to stop myself most of the time from doing it because I truly do LOVE to buy my kids a little treat every time we go somewhere...gulp! Ooops!)

Where was I? Oh yes! Shopping! So anyway, I treated myself to a new fitness magazine (I'm addicted to exercise; what can I say? LOL) and a little bag of chai (even though my order for two 3.5 lb JUMBO BAGS of chai will be in tomorrow...ahem! I couldn't wait. --Blush/sheepish grin). Oh what a good day!!!

My afternoon went as follows: Got home, started cleaning, gave Abby a bath, fed the children their lunches, finished my cleaning, got Sierra off to gymnastics and now here I am, sitting down at the computer, typing out my day's events so anyone who's bored enough to read this can say to themselves, "Well, at least I'm not HER!" (Hahaha!!) Just kidding.

Dean keeps suggesting that I write a book (and learn how to drive, but we won't go there). As much as I LOVE the idea, I honestly don't know what I'd write an entire book about? He obviously doesn't have a CLUE as to just how silly his little wife can be, and how utterly unfocused she truly is. For example, I could write a book titled: "Ding Bat Motherhood...How to Raise Your Kids Well, Despite Having a Lucy Ricardo Mentality" (A prime example: (Silently thinking to myself) "Where is my youngest child? I haven't seen her in about 45 minutes...Oh yeah! In the bathtub! Oops! Coming, Sweetie!" Or how about the time I was talking on the cell phone, and the house phone rang...and I said "Hello?" into the cell phone?)

Hmm...I suppose I could write my autobiography---but I'm not-yet-famous, so that probably wouldn't go over very well with the general public. (I can hear it now: "Who on earth is this strange lady, and why do I care about what she did in the 5th grade?")

Oh well. Guess my life as a famous writer will have to be put on hold! (Heehee!) Poor Dean.

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