Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wow, what a month!

That's all I can say to describe all that has happened in my tiny household lately. Wow!! Shortly after my last post, my sister Desiree` became very ill with a condition called "sepsis". She was in horrible shape, basically on the brink of death. Our mother & I flew out to Kentucky to be with her and her husband. We stayed for 5 days (but it felt longer...bedside vigils often do, I'm told.), and the day we left, it was decided that we would bring back my 3 nephews.

Soooo...including Rachel, we've had 7 children in our home this past month. Can you believe it? You know, I've often said I wanted 6 children. ;o) And as hectic as it has been here much of the time....I still want 6 children! Hahahaha! You can call me crazy; I won't mind. ;o)

I must say though, that I have a brand-new respect for Mothers & Fathers of bigger-than-average families. I honestly don't know how to cope some days with the schoolwork (which has been placed on the back burner lately!), the housework, the squabbling back 'n forth, coping with having only 1 bathroom (Yikes!!!), bathing everyone, etc. So to all you Mothers out there to more than 4 children...I curtsy in reverence to you!!! :o)

My sister & brother in law should be here by Saturday. I know the boys will be thrilled to see their parents, but our little house will be a lot quieter...almost too quiet...when they go.

I will miss them.

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