Saturday, June 18, 2005

A lesson I learned today

It's Shabbat (Sabbath), and I'm feeling very tired. So tired in fact, that I truly don't want to do anything but sleep. And yet, the pile of laundry I didn't do yesterday is yelling at me from the bedroom closet. The dishes in the sink are adding their two cents. Oh, and the floors...two children going back 'n forth outside have made all my previous day's efforts null and void!

Now, while wanting a nap may not seem like such a bad thing to some of you, for me it is a *huge* source of disappointment with myself! You see, I can't stand dirty clothes in a basket like that. UGH! Its one of my biggest pet peeves. Dishes in the sink grate on my nerves, as do dirty floors. I work very hard during the week to keep my home neat and tidy, and have very high expectations of myself. (Not always a good thing.) And for the past 3 hours, I've been trying to will myself up off the couch and get it all done, but instead my body has about as much pep as a slug. Obviously I'm not getting very far!

While I was mentally beating myself up over my self-described "lack of diligence" and praying for the necessary energy to come, God chose to teach me once again (I tend to be a slow learner) what the Sabbath is all about.

Ok. Here comes to the totally "no brainer" Bible lesson for today. Ready? :o)

Shabbat is all about...REST! I am to rest from my labors, just as the Lord Himself did after working six days straight on creating the world. (No small task, I'm sure!) Its ok to feel tired. Afterall, God Himself felt the need for a break. So if my body is craving a nap, then a nap it needs. Not an extra chore or project. The dirt will still be there (trust me!), but Shabbat only comes once a week. It should never be wasted by treating it as any other day. It is a special and holy gift from my Heavenly Father, and I should treat it as such!

The Sabbath was given to us in order to better prepare ourselves for the coming week, as well as to focus on our minds on the things of the Lord. It is so easy to take our eyes off of God and His word during the week. We fill our minds with thoughts of cleaning, cooking, diaper changes, baths, homeschooling, laundry, grocery shopping, budgeting, play dates, doctor appointments, husband's work schedules...the list is endless. But all of this is the very reason why we must observe the Sabbath. Our bodies, minds and souls need that blessed rest. (As do our husbands and children!)

Shabbat isn't something to feel guilty over. As a matter of fact, its one of His Commandments! Wow! Think about that for a moment. We're commanded in Scripture to take a day off, and not feel guilty about it. Isn't that awesome? :o) What a relief! What a blessing! Why haven't I been able to see all this before? I knew it, but I could never totally "do" it. (Hmm...I must be a slow learner. What do you think?)

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to assume my spot back on the couch and not move until one of my kids needs me. It's my day off, you know! (Heehee)

Shabbat Shalom! :o)

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