Friday, June 17, 2005

The oh-so-dreaded "B" word...

BATHS! Honestly, if you were here whenever I said that to my three stinky monkeys, you'd swear I was torturing them. For some reason, being clean is the worstest thing in the opinion of most kids. (Or is it just *my* kids? Please tell me its not just my children! Yikes!)

They stomp, they whine, they complain the whole 5 foot walk down the hallway. And then my son--my precious only son--screams his head off as soon as the first dribble of water makes its way down his neck. "Aaaagghhh!!! My ears! My face! My neck!"

Now truthfully, I don't "aim" for his face/ears, but with all his twisting and contorting around, its impossible for a few stray drips to not make a clean streak down his forehead. I do my best each time, but alas, I'm a failure as a mother. He'll probably need years of psychotherapy to get over it. (Then again, I never had therapy and I turned out juuuust fine, thank you very much.)

And no sooner do I finish scrubbing the layers of backyard dirt off his skinny little body, he asks if he can play "for a few minutes"...which ends up being more like thirty. Sheesh!!! All that, and he still wants to play in the tub! Unbelievable!

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