Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sepsis returns; brings along nine kids

My sister became very ill once again last week. She was admitted into the hospital for sepsis. According to the doctor treating her there, she will develop sepsis every 2-3 months due to her body's low resistance to infection. Can you believe that? I've always known this in the back of my mind, but to have someone of the medical variety say so, is upsetting. It causes me to think about life in a new way--a way that I don't particularly care for. (Frown)

Moving on...during her hospital stay, my 3 nephews moved back in with us. They were much better than they were the first time, since we all know each other better and it was for only 6 days, versus the 5 weeks it was back in March/April! (Grin) I also started babysitting for Porter's 5 year old sister, McKenna. Grand total of 9 children in our home with one bathroom! (Heehee!) And as hectic as it was off 'n on, I honestly didn't mind. In fact, you could say that I even "enjoyed" myself that week. Incredible, huh? (Wink) I must be getting better at time management and organization or something. Well actually, what I really think it was, was the Lord. 100% God! Not me! For whatever purposes He had that week--cultivating patience, diligence, peace, or joy in me--whatever it may have been--He chose those 9 children to be a part of it. And I'm blessed all the more for it! I don't know what I'd be like at this very moment had I not had that experience. And who know? For once (grin), it may not have been about "me" at all. Perhaps it was for my sister's benefit? Or my nephews? Or Dean's? Whatever the reason why, I'm just glad that it happened.

Here's another point to all of this: A while back, during my prayer time, God showed me that although He hasn't opened my womb again, He has continually blessed me with more 'n more children. Honestly, if you had told me about 4 years ago, that I would *enjoy* taking care of 5, then 6, then 9 kids--I would've said you had LOST YOUR MARBLES! (Hahahaha) But here it is...and I love it.

Crazy, huh?

Now as long as I can find the cure for Lupus and thus, pave the way for the restoration of Desiree`'s health, I'll be doing GREAT! :o)

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