Thursday, July 14, 2005

New plans for homeschool this year

Hi everyone!
Well, Dean & I decided to do things a bit differently this year in regard to homeschooling. Sierra will be completing course work primarily online using The Jubilee Academy. She's technically enrolled as a 4th grader, but much of the course work seemed to be more of a 5th grade level. Of course, she can always finish early and move on to the 5th grade by the end of the year if she chooses. We'll see! :o) (For those of you who may not totally be familiar with Sierra, she's a girl who thrives on challenging academic work and bores very, very easily. For example, she has set a personal goal of graduating by the age of 16 and routinely completes 2 grades worth of work in one year's time...just because she can.)

One of the main reasons we're going this route (online) is due to the fact that she's getting older (she'll be 10 in December--YIKES!) and more is expected of her, academically speaking, as far as the State is concerned. This is the first year she'll have to be officially "tested" and may have to take the WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) exam as well. So in a way, I'm "selling out", but its in the best interest of my child, so I don't mind too much. (Grin) Although I am still very much a fan of the child-led, unschooling approach.

Now for Ethan, we're going to start getting him into a more structured format, but still making things as "fun" as possible. He's the kind of boy who totally "tunes out" when you stick him in front of a book with a pencil in his hand....Zzzzzz! His eyes take on a glassy stare and you can almost see a hint of drool out of the corner of his mouth! (Heehee) :o)

All joking aside, a classroom setting is NOT how he learns best. So! We're going to invest in more software programs, Lego & Knex sets, and additional cartridges for his Leap Pad. That way, he'll still be learning (and of course, I'd have him on some sort of a schedule along with his sisters), but it would be in a form that he would actually pay attention to! (Wink) I may invest in a unit study program to use with him on a casual basis as well.

Last but no means least, is Abby. She'll pretty much keep to what she's been doing (child-led, unschooling approach) and only do computer work as she wills. She's not super into the computer like her brother & sister are. (Funny, huh?) But there's really no reason to change things around for her yet. She's too little.

So that's the update on that! Any questions? (Heehee)

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