Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The True Worth of a Housewife

Now I admit that despite my list of money-making endeavors, I really don't make as much as my sweet hubby does each month. (Are you shocked?) And as I was thinking--ok, bemoaning my existence as a "boring, good-for-nothing-as-far-as-finances-are-concerned housewife", I was struck by just how much I'm responsible for during the day, and the true value or worth of it all.

Ok, in no particular order this is a partial list of those things that I am responsible for and must get done during the course of the day:

Bathing/feeding/changing/educating and playing with 3-9 children, feeding the dog, dragging dog back inside from the yard while she's busy barking her head off, breaking up arguments and fights between aforementioned 3-9 kids, endless loads of laundry, dusting, window washing, dishes, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming the floors, scrubbing the bathroom and keeping the mirror toothpaste-splatter-free, budgeting, shopping, answering phone calls, planning lessons for the children's Shabbat school, fulfilling various homebusiness orders, record keeping (homeschool and business ones), feeding my face when I think about it, working out to avoid "middle age spread", updating my blog, answering e-mails and avoiding pimples. That about covers it!

Hmmm. I don't know about you, but I think I deserve a raise! (But I'll be nice and settle for a new pair of shoes...)

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