Friday, October 21, 2005

Looking Pretty

While at the local grocery store recently, a sweet looking, elderly couple was smiling at my children. We each smiled in return, but didn't say more than, "Hello". After a few moments, the woman approached me and said, "What nice looking children you have. And so well-behaved, too. Is there a special occasion? They're all dressed so nicely..."

I smiled and told her, "No, no special occasion."

This particular day, Sierra was wearing a nice pair of black slacks and a deep burgundy velour top. She looked nice, but nothing fancy. Afterall, she's my tomboy. (Grin) My son, Ethan was wearing a nice pair of jeans--no holes (grin), and a sweater. Perfectly normal looking, I thought. And of course, Abby was in a deep purple velour and taffeta dress. I'm used to the comments regarding Abby's choice of attire, but rarely think about how "odd" Sierra and Ethan might look to the casual observer.

This kind lady took another look at them, then said, "Well, they all look very nice. And you know, its good to see it. You just don't see much of that dressed nicely. It really is a shame."

I thanked her for her compliment and we parted ways. But her words continued to ring in my ears..."You just don't see much of that dressed nicely." And you know something? She was right.

Now, I'm not saying that every child should dress like mine. But as parents, we should at least make sure our children's clothing is clean and neat looking before going out in public. We should allow them to dress with some regard to their individual tastes and preferences, but this should be within reason.

We're making a statement, either good or bad, wherever we go. We're either saying to the world, "This is an example of a Christian family...learn from us" or "This is an example of a Christian family...RUN!"

Like it or not, our clothes--and our children's clothes--all reflect one of those two statements.

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