Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wonder Woman!

Unless you're significantly under the age of 25, you're probably very familiar with the character, "Wonder Woman". Now, I grew up watching this amazing heroine each week, battling one bozo after another. Really, if I could've grown up to be an Amazon Princess with the ability to spin around and change into a fabulously-fit-yet-not-muscle-bound dynamo, I would've! Believe me!

Alas, Amazon Princess I am not. I'm simply a wife and mother. And yet, that in itself is enough to make me (and every other mommy out there) "Wonder Woman", right?

(*TV commentator monologue* "Endowed with the amazing ability to stretch her stomach to resemble a beached whale... Able to cook, clean and read a story after only 3 hours of sleep...Able to balance a baby on her hip, and make lunch for 4 other children at the same time. Watch her amazing strength as she hauls a sick 10 year old to the bathroom! Ladies & Gentlemen! It's Wonder Woman!")

Am I right? Or am I right? (Heehee)

Anyway, back to the TV show. I've rented a few disks of the new dvd compliation for my children to watch. My youngest daughter, Abby (above) is obviously enchanted by it. (Isn't she cute?)

In other news, my sister developed sepsis earlier this month, and was in the hospital for 6 days. During that time, 2 of my 3 handsome nephews stayed with us during the day. She's recovered now, praise God. But now has to be on antibiotics every single day to hopefully avoid sepsis again. We shall see. Oh, and this last time she was in, the doc did a spinal tap, which resulted in a spinal fluid leak. This then produced a horrible condition in her face called, "Bell's Palsy". She now wears an eye patch as she can't close her left eye very well, and a scarf around her head (a' la Jackie O) to hide the paralysis in her face a bit. Poor girl! She's been through sooo much, it's just incredible. (Sigh) I kind of feel bad about calling her Quasimodo...kind of...(Wink)

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