Friday, November 18, 2005

Rambling and an Announcement

Well, I've managed to develop an addiction to caffeine. In addition to my morning cup o' chai tea, I now guzzle down a glass of Pepsi...yes, I said "in addition". That's bad. I know. (Sigh) But it's soooo yummy! (Heehee) Boy I tell ya, after all that liquid caffeine, I'm just able to zip through my schedule like it was nothing! ;o)

Tomorrow afternoon, my sister is holding a Cookie Lee (jewelry) show. Has anyone gone to one of those before? It'll be my first one, and even though I'm not a huge jewelry person, I am excited to just paw at all the neat lookin' stuff and spend money frivolously.

Ok...and now...for my announcement. I'm now a proud, Creative Memories consultant! Woohoo! I just signed up this evening, and my first show is in two weeks. I'm very excited to start this new phase of my life. I've been praying about my life, a business, and my family for some time now. And this just seemed to be *the answer*. I feel very blessed, nervous and delighted all at the same time. (Grin)

Hmmm. Sounds like my natives are a bit restless. Time to go!

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