Friday, December 30, 2005

Things I Should Have Done Today....

...but I'm too darn lazy to do them.

In no particular order, they are as follows:

(Clearing my throat for emphasis)
  • Cancel my membership to the Children's Book of the Month Club. (Nice books, pretty sales flyers, we just use the library (it's FREE) more.)
  • Give the dog a bath.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Prepare tomorrow's Shabbat School lesson. (I *will* do this, I just haven't done so *yet*.)
  • Brushed my hair. (I'm going for the "Scary Hair Bands of the 80's" look instead.)
  • Work out. (Why bother doing this when I'm bloated courtesy of PMS? It's not like I'll look thinner when I'm done, right? Sheesh!)
  • Made my hubby's follow-up doctor appt. (Ooops!!!)
  • Phoned my friend, Tiffani to ask if her daughter could bring a couple of photos over tomorrow when she spends the night so I can show her & Sierra how to scrapbook. (Wow, that was a hefty run-on sentence!)
  • Written back to the two very nice people who've sent me actual "letters" in the mail.
  • Start a book my sister highly suggested I write. (I can't give you any details lest you steal my idea, leaving me in my current state of middle-class income.)
  • Update my blog with something better than this stupid entry.

There you have it. My laziness in a nutshell. I should be tarred and feathered at midnight, I know. (Sigh)

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