Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Year to Remember (Or forget...however you want to look at it)

Here's what the year 2005 brought me & my family:

January: Dean goes in for his first round of doctor appts. to figure out what's wrong with his back. He's in a lot of pain, but the nerve test and X-rays reveal nothing. Later, an MRI shows a herniated disk.

February: Gave my testimony at the Women's Meeting (yikes!). My sister and hubby, Jack celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary. Dean got his first cortisone shot in the back.

March: My sister first develops sepsis while living in Kentucky. She's in ICU and "codes" twice. Doctors place her on partial life support. Our mother & I flew out to be with her for 5 days, and end up bringing my 3 nephews back with us to live. Abby celebrated her 5th birthday at Build-A-Bear Workshop on the 21st, and my sister got out of the hospital the following day.

April: My sister Desiree` & Jack arrive in Washington after a loooong drive from KY. They're here to stay now and I'm thrilled. The boys were so glad to see their parents. Later in the month, I began watching Porter part-time in preparation for his pending full-time care. Grandpa Vern's birthday is at the end of the month.

May: We celebrated nephew, Alex's 1st birthday. Yeah! Awana is over for the year. Porter starts coming full-time.

June: My sister's back in the hospital with sepsis. Dean's 2nd & 3rd cortisone shots. (UGH!) Grandpa Vern passes away on the 25th, and Sierra & I fly out to Inyokern for the funeral.

July: Dean turns 35! Woohoo! Dean & I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. (Wow!) Desi & Jack moved into their new house just 2 miles from us. Nothing much happened after that...hmmm.

August: Dean went to the dentist for some sort of pain I can't remember now. I got my ears pierced and dyed my hair. Happy Birthday to Papa Russ, Paul, Josh, Stefani, Tiffany & our church--Roots Messianic Congregation!!!

September: I have my first (and only) workout with a personal trainer. I'm in pain for 3 days afterward. (Waaah!) Happy 2nd Birthday to Miss Lily Davis!! Homeschool begins again with Sierra enrolled in The Jubilee Academy for the first time. She's loving it!! Nephew Tyler begins the 1st grade at his new school. Awana begins again. Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful nephew, Christian! Dean took Sierra to see Hilary Duff in concert at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Russ & Deb celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary and my gorgeous sister in law, Dyon turned 39!

October: Happy 3rd birthday to my lovely "surrogate" daughter, Rachel! The kids and I meet with a naturopathic doc and make her their primary physician. (Grin!) Desiree` is in the hospital *twice* this month. Friends Tiffany & John Davis celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary!

November: Happy 7th birthday to my precious son Ethan, my extraordinary mother, my wise-cracking, pain in the rear (and I mean this in the most loving way) father and his very patient-and-far-too-good-for-him wife Carol, my beautiful mother in law, my dear friend Sharon, my favorite brother in law, and the lovely Miss Abbey Drake! (I think that's everybody...). My sister hostessed a Cookie Lee party and ended up being a consultant. I finished this extremely busy month with my first Creative Memories party and became a consultant.

December: Happy Birthday to my fabulous "California" brother in law Randy, my awesome-totally beautiful-ultra fabulous sister, the big "brother" I never wanted (heehee) Anthony, drop dead gorgeous niece Nicole, and last but by no means exquisite firstborn daughter, Sierra! (What is it with winter birthdays anyway?) To top it off, I held my sister's "Grand Opening" party for her Cookie Lee business at my house, which was a HUGE success. (Grin)

So that's my "short" recap of 2005. I can't wait to see what 2006 brings my way...please God just let it be filled with lots of health, peace and happiness all around. (Smile)

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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