Thursday, January 5, 2006

Pookie Learned How to Read!!!

My third child, the lovely Abby (aka Pookie) passed the biggest academic milestone in a child's life this very evening...reading!

Allow me to set the scene for you: I was curled up in the rocking chair reading a book. My fairy girl came up to me very quietly, like she always does, and laid her head on my arm. As I was stroking her hair, she said quietly "that says "you" right there." I looked where her finger was pointing and indeed it did say "you". "You're right, Abby. That's very good!" And she continued, "God, l-l-lot, c-c-car!" It was amazing! I was so excited I squealed, "Dean! Dean she's reading!"

Oh joy and rapture! She was suddenly giggling and bouncing up 'n down with delight. She was so proud of herself. (Grin)

She then went on to read me her new book from the library, "What is a Princess?" with very little help from me. Isn't that neat?!

I just love hearing a child read for the first time. You know, seeing Abby bouncing and giggling like that reminded me of the day, about 6 years ago, when Sierra first learned to read. (Smile) She was just as thrilled as Abby was tonight.

I'm really glad God allowed this to happen on this night out of all the others. I was having such a hard day (minor family crisis) and was feeling a bit discouraged as a homeschooling mother (like maybe I wasn't pushing the kids hard enough and they were even--GASP!--behind their peers? Shock! Terror!).

So I look at this as a blessing from above--a heavenly note of encouragement, if you will. (Grin) Just a quick, "trust Me, they're doing just fine" sort of thing.

Isn't God a great Dad?

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