Saturday, March 4, 2006

I'm a Melancholy/Sanguine

For those of you who are wondering what tree I fell out of, I'm referring to the four temperament types (sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic, choleric). I've been reading "The New Spirit-Filled Woman" by Beverly LaHaye and find it quite fascinating. (You should all give it a read!) Anyway, after doing several online personality quizzes, I've discovered my personality (see above title). (Grin) I'm not going to fill you in on all those words mean, you'll have to look them up yourself. (Haha!)

On another note, I'm on a "Newsboys" kick lately. Not sure why. But, be that as it may...I'm having fun listening to their songs over 'n over 'n over 'n over...

PS: Dean is a Sanguine/Phlegmatic, Sierra is Choleric/Sanguine, Ethan is Phlegmatic/Sanguine, and Abby is Sanguine/Phlegmatic.

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