Sunday, June 18, 2006

Extreme Makeover--Home Edition (Its about time!)

No, we haven't been accepted by the show. Bummer. But, we did go through a major cleaning frenzy this past weekend.

It all started when my husband came home and decided he wanted to mow the lawn. But in order to do that, he'd have to clear a path through the mountains of junk in the garage, to get the mower from the back to the front yard. (No we don't have a gated fence, which would've been handy in this situation.)

So! The cleaning fest began!

He had the 5 of us out there, hauling, sorting, cleaning and re-organizing the entire garage. It took a few hours, but it was so worth it! Our garage is actually presentable; you can walk in it, find anything you need without fear of retaliation by a precariously stacked tower of boxes, and the kids can play in it. Wow!

We completed the job by taking one giant van-load of "junk" (aka old toys) to the dump this morning.

But Dean's compulsive cleaning streak didn't end there! His next self-appointed project: cleaning the inside of the van. He pulled up all the plastic sheeting that covered the floor (it was kind of shocking to see him yanking it all up like that, considering how keen he is on keeping the van clean), vacuumed, swept and dusted. Voila`! Just like new.

He then decided it was time to fix our screen door (ok, waaay past time), so we headed to Lowe's for the materials. After about 20 minutes, we have a purdy new screen that's totally gaping-hole free! Woohoo!

And would you believe that he's now in the process of creating a computer work station in the garage?! I don't know how many Energizer batteries he inadvertently swallowed, but I'm ready for a nap!

But I did tell him how proud I was of him. I love the feeling a clean, organized house brings. Don't you? :o)

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