Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm so busy...oh, so busy!

And I'm not very good at keeping my blog up to date at ALL! (Ahem)

Quick (ha ha) recap of the current events in my life right now:

Dean and I are in the process of updating our church's website. We've decided that its just way too stale and needs a significant overhaul. We plan to add various video clips and photos to spice things up a bit, and really show what Roots is about. This is a big work-in-progress, so I can't give you a definitive launch date. Sorry!

Ethan's last little league game was this afternoon and he did great! Woohoo! Tomorrow is the league's "Jamboree" over at Beaver Lake Park. The kids are going to receive medals and t-shirts, and get to meet the Seattle Mariner's Mascot, the Moose! (Hooray!) Maybe I'll post a photo of that shining moment later on. ;o)

My friend, Mrs. Sharon White and I have changed our small, quarterly magazine, to a highly cost-effective E-zine. Subscription information can be found on our website.

My sister and her family are moving to Philadelphia PA in the next couple of weeks. My brother in law, Jack will be working for a company that he's had his eye on for several months now.

One of my "daycare" babies will be dropping down to part time hours this summer, and my other "baby" will be moving in the coming month. (Sigh) But on the bright side, I'll begin watching a pair of the most beautiful newborn twins (girl, boy) soon. That should help with my daily baby "fix", wouldn't you agree? ;o)

I haven't decided officially yet, but I may give up being an Awana leader. I was feeling very burnt out with everything (home schooling, shabbat school, baby sitting, then awana) and just felt like I needed a break. However, I'm already missing my little Cubbies, and may end up teaching again this fall.

Bought a new CD yesterday...Casting Crowns--Lifesong. I've had the title song going through my head on a daily basis this past week, and felt it was just time to buy it. :o)

We'll be in the Los Angeles area (LIVE on stage!..ahem...sorry, couldn't resist) for my father in law's 60th birthday, August 3--8th. There has been talk of taking the children to Disneyland while we're there, too...Shhhhh!!!!

I haven't worked out in about 4 days! (Mooooo!)

Our youngest, Abby needs to be re-trained in the finer aspects of parental obedience. Seems our little lamb has picked up on some mighty bad habits of late. (Like telling me "No" or "I don't want to". Two phrases that are *highly* frowned upon in our house. Ahem!) This is by far, my least favorite aspect of mothering. But one of the most important.

Ethan begins speech therapy next week. Our boy has a pretty significant stuttering problem that we hope to correct. It has caused him to shy away from conversations, and has yielded some mild teasing from a few random children who shall forever remain nameless. :o(

And thanks to our friend, Michelle, Ethan's reading skills have improved with the use of sight words. She loaned me a few workbooks and games to use with him, and he retained more by using those than he had with the other methods we'd used. (Phonics, early readers, etc) What really amazed me, was the fact that he could point out several sight words correctly, even though he couldn't necessarily "read" them. A rather interesting phenomenon. ;o)

I finally (!!!) sent out a family newsletter, one year late. (Hahaha!) Seriously, it has been a full year since the last one. How awful is that?!

I'm almost finished with Sierra's baby scrapbook album! Only two more children's albums to complete, and I won't feel like such a horrible mother. :o)

Oh no! I just remembered I agreed to organize a church picnic for the 4th of July weekend, thinking it would be fun to combine that with Dean's birthday (36th)...and I just realized he has to WORK that weekend! (Doh!!!--Slapping my forehead) just gets better...that's also the day Ethan's baseball team will be holding *their* picnic and trophy ceremony! Guess I've got more planning to do, eh?

Well that's about it for now. No guarantee as to when I'll remember to write again, so please cherish this entry. (Hahaha!)

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