Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boring TV, Bees, and I Need More Caffeine

Dean's home from work, and has taken over the TV. Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily. Its just that he can't seem to watch anything "good". Or at least, what constitutes good in my narrow opinion.

There's only so many car chasing, building crashing, bomb blowing, gun shootin' scenes I can handle. And I've hit my allotment for the day.

We had some excitement here earlier. A bee...a horrid, frightful, inch-long beast with wings, entered the sacred gates of our home. It sent all the children running to fetch our Bug Eating Dog, to heroically vanquish the striped villain.

Alas, our Hero Dog was no match for the protection of the lofty windowsill, where the Bee had positioned itself. (She was about 4 inches too short to reach.)

In the end, it was my Blond Knight, the fearless King of the Castle, who had to gallantly ride in on his white steed (sneakers), slap the vile Bee into unconsciousness, and fling it out the window, down to the depths of the moat below (driveway).

See? If Dean would watch shows with a little more "heart" to their plots, a touch of romance if you will, I wouldn't have to get so melodramatic over a Bee Killing.

My caffeine buzz fizzled out on me about 2 hours ago. I'm going to need a Chai refill if I'm going to keep up with the extra children I'm babysitting today. (Yawn)

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