Monday, August 28, 2006

The Scowling, Snarling Monster

One day, a strange Creature quietly slipped into the confines of our home. So quietly in fact, that my husband and I didn't even realize it had arrived.

We had heard stories from friends and family over the years, that this is exactly how the Creature operates. Ever so quietly, it sneaks into an unsuspecting home, waiting for the opportune moment to make its presence known.

But then, its too late.

Nothing but time can make this Creature leave. And It's stay can vary in length, depending upon Its history within the family. And during the course of Its stay, the Creature morphs your precious child (whomever is the oldest at the time) into a strange, scowling, snarling, monster. Similar to the fictitious "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde".

However, in my naive and foolish mind, I thought I had plenty of time to prepare myself for this uninvited Visitor. Surely I wouldn't be caught off guard by the Creature's arrival. And when it did arrive, I was confident (arrogant) I could prevent my child from morphing into the Monster.

But woe unto me...The Creature hath arrived. And the morphing has indeed begun. And there isn't anything I can do about it. I must watch, wait and pray that the Creature will complete Its fiendish mission, and move on quickly.

What is this Creature's name?


And the Morphing Monster's name? Take a guess. ;o)

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