Tuesday, September 5, 2006


What to say, what to say....As I posed this question to my husband just now, he firmly replied, "Write "I love my husband"."

I laughed and said in a mocking monotone, "I'm...writing...this...at gunpoint...I love my husband..." (Hahahaha)

He laughed and, not to be outdone of course, grabbed his new "Clone Trooper Blaster" (Ha!) and aimed it at my hand. (Zap!!)

We have a lot of fun together, can't you tell? ;o) And this, even when he's not feeling all that well. He came home from work complaining of "not feeling right". (Does that make sense?) I'm thinking he may have picked up on the odd "bug" Sierra had last week. Wouldn't that be charming? (Ugh...)

Moving on...Today was our first day of home school, and Sierra completed all of her day's assignments with relative ease. She's a 5th grader now, and at during science today, had to diagram the differences between plant and animal cells. (A concept which escaped my memory approximately 10 years ago.)

Anyway, we later found ourselves in the middle of an interesting discussion about the importance of mitochondria with one of our friends, Shayna (who graciously came over today to help me out). Shayna knows someone who was born without this crucial cell component, and is unable to move or speak. (Very sad and interesting all at the same time.)

Shayna's input really helped tie everything together for Sierra. (And for me...as I couldn't remember what mitochondria are, nor what they did! Ahem....) Which I was very thankful for. :o)

The twins kept us all hopping again today. Its so hard not to just love on them, though. Even when they cry just to be held, they're so cute!! But we (their mother and I) are in the process of trying to get them on a schedule. Hopefully by the week's end, it'll all run smoothly. Until then, they're not going to be too happy with me. (Gulp!)

Well, I'd better go. I'm exhausted and tomorrow's another busy, busy day. (Especially if I have a sick hubby to care for!)

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