Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sierra Sasquatch

Somehow, the fact that Sierra and I can trade shoes didn't really sink in. I mean, I do slip her flip flops on to make a quick run outside and such, but it just didn't really "hit" me that she wore my size...I'm a dope, what can I say? (But to be fair, her shoes are a tad too small. Not a perfect fit on me.)

So anyway...yesterday, it rained here for the first time in *months* (which means MUD), and we had places to be (like church and the employee picnic for my mom's work), so she wore my tennis shoes. No problem, right? I thought it was kinda cool, a "Here you can use mine" type thing. Ha!

Later that afternoon, Dean & I decided it was time for the girls to get new fall shoes. Sierra tried on several pairs in her "size", which is a 4. (I think that's equal to a size 5 in womens, but don't quote me.) But they were all "too tight in the toes" and "flopping off her heel". (Huh?!) I mean, that's just weird, right? I likened that phenomenon to having one pant leg too loose, while the other is cutting off circulation. See? Weird.

But Dean insisted she try a size 6 in womens...and lo and behold, he was right. (Ack!)

Like I said, I'm a dope. I *knew* we could trade shoes. We did it that very day! Yet I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that she actually NEEDED them. I still can't explain my stupidity, so just bear with it. (Sigh)

Anyway, she wears a size 6 shoe. Fine. And on the bright side, I have another pair of shoes I can borrow. (Hahaha!)

I need a chai....

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MajorAGFan♥ said...

Denise, I wear a size 8 and 1/2 so I wear bigger shoes than Sierra when she was my age!!!! Wow... Weird...


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