Friday, October 6, 2006

Busy day

Its Friday! Hooray, hooray, jiggity jig! The kids and I have the usual cleaning and Shabbat school prep to do. But then we have what's known around here as "Company Cleaning" for a baby shower we're hosting this Sunday.

This basically means "detail" cleaning and heavy organization. You know, the tasks you accomplish on a monthly or bi-weekly basis over a period of two days perhaps, but now have to CRAM into one day! ;o) (Like the carpets and furniture.)

I've got my trusty Master Company Cleaning list sitting on the kitchen counter, and I'm very pleased to say that 80% of it has been completed! (Wow, and its only 10:30am!) Each of the children have definitely done their fair share, and not ONE complaint has been uttered.

(No, wait...I take it back. Abby did complain about being assigned to dish-drying, but only because she wanted to try washing instead. So, she and Sierra switched places and all was well.)

Right now I'm letting everyone take a well-deserved break before starting in again. :o) We still have massive amounts of laundry, as we wash all of the bedding on Fridays. I'll wash the carpets and upholstery later tonight.

You know, on days like this, home school lessons are shot to the four winds! (Ha ha!) However, I firmly believe that a crucial aspect of one's education includes learning how to come across as a better house keeper than you truly are in front of guests! (Heehee!) Hypocrisy 101!!!

Oops, sounds like the first dryer load is done. I'd better fly....

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