Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pookie Dookers Lost Her Two Front Toofers!

Ha! Try saying that 10 times fast! ;o)

This past week, Abby lost her two front teeth. She looks so goofy now! Heehee! (In an adorable sort of way, of course. Ahem.) She'd been busy yanking and twisting them constantly over the past couple of weeks; so much so that she actually lost a tooth next to them, but she swears it didn't happen. ("I just have a gap", she said.) Only Abby could lose a tooth and not know it. (Ha ha!) But anyway, she has gotten a LOT better about the whole thing (obviously) and there wasn't even a hint of drama this time. (Hooray!)

And now, I shall share with you the latest "Abby Moments"...(for those of you who are unaware, Abby Moments are choice displays of Abby's intellect, which have given her family much to laugh about over the years.)

1) While drying the dishes Sierra had washed, Abby thrust a skillet back into the sink proclaiming, "You didn't get this off."

Sierra stopped washing the cup in her hand to see what morsel of food she had missed. Seeing nothing but a clean pan, she asked "Didn't get WHAT off?"
"This!" Abby exclaimed indignant, pointing to the black non-stick coating on the bottom.

Sierra sighed, "Abby, it doesn't come off."

Abby angrily tossed her hair over her shoulder and hissed, "That's because you're not trying hard enough!"

2) After returning home from Awana last Sunday, Dean noticed a name tag sticker on Ethan's Bible. "What's this for, Buddy?" he asked our son, thinking there must've been a substitute leader in tonight or something.

But before Ethan could respond, Abby blurts out, "So we don't forget what our names are."

A hush fell over the livingroom. Dean trying his best to not laugh hysterically, explains to his bubble-headed daughter, "Abby, its so OTHER people won't forget your name. Not you, Silly girl!"

Abby paused and looked at her Daddy, the wheels of thought moving slooowly about in her head. Finally, the process is complete, and her expression was one of disbelief. "Uh uh!" she said.
"Yes, it is" her family chorused.

Abby walked away, still not believing that name tags were for other people's benefit.


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