Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Busy Week

My poor man's swamped with work and feeling the pressure from constant deadlines that seem all but impossible to meet. He's working late again tonight (after working overtime for 2 days last week), and will be going in an hour early tomorrow as well. (Yuck!)

While the OT is nice, the lack of sleep and extra stress on him, isn't so nice. I feel so bad for him. :o( My poor husband. Add that on top of his constant pain from his pinched nerves and herniated disks, and you've got a recipe for no sleep. (So if you think about it, please say a prayer for him. Thank you.)

On a lighter note, my week's turning into a busy one, too. Busy, but fun.

Tomorrow my sweet friend, Tiffani (and her daughters, Rachel and Lindsey) are coming over to work on our much-neglected scrapbooks. The only bummer is I'm out of photo paper, so I'll have to use the photos I already have (which is a LOT), but I was hoping to work on something else. Oh well.

Tis best to finish one album at a time, yes? ;o)

Then on Thursday my friend, Rachel (no relation to the aforementioned Rachel) will be over for a playdate with her two children, Nathan and Alexandria. (Friends of Ethan and Abby, via Awana.) She'll be bringing along her infant niece as well. (Woohoo! Another baby to love on!)

And from the sound of it, I'll have the twins that day as well, at least for a few hours. Although Shana technically has this week off due to Winter Break, she has a few things to do in her classroom before school starts back up.

Then on Sunday (New Year's Eve), we'll have both Rachel and Lindsey overnight, as that is their parent's wedding anniversary. ;o) The kids are going to have a blast together! I probably won't get too much sleep, but...whatever.

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