Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Insane day

I'm having one of "those" days where you wonder what on earth possessed you to even get out of bed.

It all started with my husband's tooth. He had an appt. this morning w/ the dentist, of whom he was going to ask if he'd just "yank" the painful, decayed tooth. But alas, this dentist wouldn't hear of such things, and suggested a temporary filling, followed by a root canal and crown in the coming months.

Well! That went over like a dog with bad gas in the wind.

So! I was then on the hunt to find a dentist that would honor my husband's request to just "yank it" and be done with it.

I finally found one, but first we had to get the x-rays from the other dentist. Me being the non-driver that I am, sent my beloved Auntie along to fetch them. And she did... the sweetie. (Heehee)

So later today, he'll go see another dentist, who'll hopefully not charge more than the credit card has left on it, to remove the villainous tooth.

Then I hear some "hush-hush" news that some of my former shabbat school students will be joining us this weekend. Which means, if everyone shows and there are no "sickies", I'll have at least 15 children in class on Saturday!

Now that might not sound like a whole lot, but for the past 2 years, the most we've had at once is 8 children. I'm about to double that. (Gulp)

Which puts me in the position of coordinating lesson plans to accomodate a wider range of ages (2-12 years), as well as having enough snack and craft materials. (What is a good craft for that many children, between those ages?? Any ideas??)

This is all in addition to everything else that's going on around here....Dean's weird new blood issues (bruising, slow clotting), trying to find a part time evening job (for me), children's schedules, Sierra's 11th birthday in 2 more days and subsequent slumber party this Saturday (after the LARGE Shabbat school class), etc, etc.

And wouldn't ya know it...I'm out of chai.

Care to trade lives?


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