Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Keepin' em busy, Hanukkah & Thankfulness

That's what I've been doing today...keeping the children busy! (Less mischief that way.)
Sierra's in charge of writing/printing a new family newsletter, Ethan's making a holiday banner for his grandparents, and Abby & Rachel are also working on some holiday "art".

Dean & I are going to have the children make glittery "Stars of David" for their art project at Shabbat school (in honor of Hanukkah of course).

Simple. Easy to do. Hopefully not too messy. (Ha!)

Our congregation's also having a little Hanukkah party, complete with plenty of donuts and latkes to scarf down! (YUUMMMMY!)

I haven't decided if I'll be able to attend the twins' mom's Holiday Cookie Exchange this Saturday after church yet. Hmm...might be cutting it close. We'll see.

Dean and I have decided that we'll do one night of Hanukkah, instead of the traditional 8. Our finances are too tight right now to have enough presents for each child, each night. (In fact, I've dubbed 2006, "The Year of Learning to Be Thankful".)

When we brought the subject up to the children last night over supper, they all took it very well. I was so pleased! What sweet and wonderful children I have!

Hey, did I mention my son's going to be a preacher? I really, truly believe that.

Had to throw that one in there. :-)

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