Friday, December 15, 2006

Three Cheers for Electricity!

Hip, hip...hooray!

Ok, so that's only one cheer, but whatever.

Last night, a powerful (by our standards) wind storm blew in and knocked power out to most of Western WA.

I don't necessarily mind not having electricity...I find it very soothing to hear the crackle of the fireplace and enjoy the soft glow of candlelight around the house.

However I DO mind (greatly!) not having any significant heat all night! The temperature in our home dropped overnight to a toe-numbing 56 degrees, according to the thermostat. (Brrrrr!!!) That's fine for a quick jaunt outside (like out to the mailbox and back), but NOT---I repeat, NOT inside the house.

My body was so cold when I got up, that I quickly layered 3 shirts and dug out a pair of knit gloves! (I half-considered a scarf, but figured I'd wait 'til after Dean left...ahem.)

It was during the wee morning hours that I got into a discussion with God about the situation. I felt it would be much more "godly" of me to mix my whining with a few prayers for the hard-working power crews, thank him for our pathetic fire, and thank Him for our house (even if it was cold).

I carefully explained to God that I knew that there were millions of people on this Earth who live without electricity, and even His own Son did while He was on Earth.

However, I did feel it was necessary to point out that such suffering wasn't something sweet little ME was accustomed to. ;o)

Shortly after Dean left for work, I pondered when I could walk up to the nearest lit grocery store and pick up a bundle of firewood, and if it would even be worth the effort considering how irritated the kids would be, when suddenly a loud BEEP disturbed the silent tranquility of my igloo...

The power was back on! Praise God! HEAT! HOT CHAI! WOOOHOOO!

Oh joy and rapture! I nearly wept I was so happy. (I was really, really cold people.)

The power has stayed on since 6:35am, and I'm soaking up every minute of it.

Ahh....forced-air heating. Who knew it could be so wonderful?

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