Thursday, February 1, 2007

Awana Grand Prix

Ethan getting his 2nd place certificate
Sierra receiving her 1st place trophy

**Note** If the photos are too hard to see, just click on them to make them larger. A word of caution: they're HUGE, so they will take up your entire screen.**

It was that time of year again...the Awana Grand Prix! Every year (for the past 3), one of our children ends up *smokin'* the competition. (Ha!)

This year was Sierra's turn to take home the 1st place trophy for over-all fastest car. (Woohoo!) Ethan took home a 2nd place certificate for his class, and...alas Princess Abby didn't win anything. :o(

Poor Pookie....she was upset, but quickly got over it and was very happy for her siblings.

Now, I'm sure you're all just dying for me to share our winning secret with you, but I'm far too competitive to risk losing next year. (So neener neener!)

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