Friday, February 16, 2007

Dean's Major Faux Pas, Bullies and Other Stuff

As the majority of you know, my hubby Dean takes a bizillion different pills each day to help ease the pain of his pinched nerves, herniated disks, and the lack of sleep these conditions bring about.

So this morning, he's in the kitchen taking what he figured were his two "nerve pain" pills, when in actuality they were two of his super-potent-knock-ya-out-cold-so-you-can-snooze-comfortably pills.

OOOOOPPPSSSS!!!! (Insert hand slapping forehead here)

But being the total stubborn goat that he is, he insisted he go into work anyway. (This was after saying if he could make himself vomit, he would. But that's gross.) And then drive to his 9:30am appt with the neurosurgeon, and then drive all the way back to work.

Humph. Fine. See if I care.

Actually, I do care...very much! I've been praying all morning that he doesn't crash our disgustingly over-priced van or hurt himself in any way. So far, so good. He called on the way to the doc's and, aside from sounding less than half-coherent, he seems to be doing ok. (Ahem)

Did I tell you my younger two are acting like bullies? Yup, its true. The little beasties have taken a turn toward the Dark Side of the Force and find great delight (or so it seems) in making others miserable. (Or at least, make them feel bad/stupid, while they get a good laugh.)

So, in a strong effort to irradicate such horrid behaviour, I made them scoop up all the dog poo from the yard, throw away their Valentine candy, and forbid them from going to Grandma's later today (the very worst part of their punishment!).

We (Dean and I) have had to repeatedly remind them of the "Golden Rule"...making them recite it back to us, give examples of better ways to respond, and even more reminders. It'll be a constant thing for awhile, but one lesson I hope will stick with them for a lifetime.

And should they continue to bully? Even one more incident?

Then they lose even more special things and privilages...

Like their Toon Town accounts. Their movies. Their toys.

Sound a bit harsh?

Probably. But I refuse to raise a pack of bullies. They're far too loving, compassionate, merciful children (normally) to behave in such an ugly, mean-spirited way.

I firmly believe my children all have strong "calls" on their lives, and its my job to make sure they're raised to meet the needs of that calling when the time comes.

If I neglect to punish them over teasing others, they'll learn that its ok to be cruel. And we certainly have enough of that in the world, don't we?

Ok, other stuff...

I've got a couple of friends coming over tomorrow to scrapbook with me (yippee!). I'm really looking forward to some "grown up" time. Its a rare thing for me.

And while we're doing that, Dean'll be off at some goofy Rat Dog concert. (Don't ask.)

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