Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ethan's First Ski Trip

Woohoo! Papa Russ and Grandma Deb were up this past weekend and treated Dean and Ethan to a (bitterly cold) ski trip. Before anyone asks, the girls didn't want to go, so they hung out with Grandma.

Anyway, this was Ethan's very first trip to the mountains to do *anything*, so he was super-excited. ;o) I on the other hand, was incredibly nervous to see my only son on a pair of willful, slippery skis. So instead of heeding all sorts of well-intentioned advice, I tagged along (freezing the entire time!).

Ethan fell more often than he was able to stand, which I knew would probably happen, but I still felt bad for him. :-( (The instructor kept referring to him as "Spider Legs". Humph!)

After his class ended, he was feeling pretty defeated. But Daddy saved the day by taking him back up the chair lift, then back down the mountain between his legs.

They took a *hard* tumble together, but they quickly got up and made a successful "whoosh" down the mountain together.

Once they reached the bottom, Ethan exclaimed jubilantly, "That was awesome!!"

He wants to go skiing again next year, can you believe it? (What a boy...)

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