Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gotta Have Girlfriends!

Our girls have had a really fun weekend!

On Friday night, Sierra and her pal, Dee Dee (middle girl in photo) attended an Awana girls' slumber party at their club leader's house. They had a rip roarin' good time with a scavenger hunt, karaoke, and of course plenty of munchies. We picked them both up on the way to church this morning.

And then...after church Dee Dee and Eden (left side of photo) came home with us. Sierra and Eden have been begging to go over to one another's houses (we've been to their house once for dinner a few months ago), so we figured today was the day. ;o)

Then while the older girls were playing and having a great time, Abby asked to call her friend, Julianah (also from church). Several phone calls back 'n forth later, Julianah's mother and I decided it would be good for the girls to have a play date today as well. ;o) Sooooo....they picked up Girlie Boo a short time ago, and the two of them will, no doubt, have a blast together doing all the fun things "little girls" do.

Wow! Talk about your social calendars. (Heehee)

I'm so glad our daughters have other young ladies to play with; young ladies who are a blessing and a joy to be around.

These are the friendships that I hope will grow, strengthen and blossom with each passing year, and will continue long into adulthood.

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