Thursday, February 22, 2007

Huge Compliment

I forgot to mention this after it happened, but here ya go...

On Wednesday, we decided to take a much needed trip to the mall. All of the "Opper Girls" had been sick this past week(end), so we really needed the fresh air. Anyway! We lingered at a jewelry store, taking in all the glittering trinkets of love, trying on various ones (ok, that was me!--wink), and having a pleasant conversation with the saleslady.

At the end of our visit, the saleslady gave Dean and I the most wonderful compliment. She said, "You know I must tell you this; your children are so well behaved! I can't believe how well they've sat there this whole time, so good and so quiet. Some customers who come in with their children--oh my--its terrible. They're running around and carrying on. But yours--wow. I can tell you've spent a lot of time with them."

Wowee wow wow!!!!!!

Talk about amazing! Isn't that the most wonderful, fantastically awesome compliment any parent could hope to receive?

She said too, that she wished she had candy to give them as a treat. ;o)

I just love my children...Woohoo!

Of course, they're not perfect little angels all the time (see post below). But!! I think that was cause for some serious praise, don't you?

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