Thursday, February 8, 2007

Staying Home is Serious Work!

Today's going to be another wild 'n insane day. I'll have (including my own 3), 8 children here! (Wow!)

Rachel will be leaving after lunch for her very first dental appointment. She's got a lovely red dress to wear (gotta impress her dentist, of course!), and she's so excited to get a new toothbrush, paste and floss she could barely go back to bed this morning. (Heehee) I just love that little Pink Sparkle Horsey-Feather. ;o)

My 2nd cousin, Gabriel will be over here today as well. Ethan is thrilled! They had a really great time together last week. Both are wild little boys, which of course, feeds the other's wildness. The two of them roll, romp and bounce around the house like two little puppies! (It can get pretty obnoxious at times, but hopefully they'll be good about keeping it "down to a low roar", especially when the babies are asleep.) And if not, there's always plenty of yard work that can be done. (He he)

Kelvin comes both today and tomorrow. He's our part-timer, so when he comes its always a treat. He's a real sweetheart, and everyone just loves him to pieces. :o)

So, with the exception of housework, homeschool lessons and--hopefully--a good workout, my day should be pretty "dull". (Hahaha!)

Did I just say that?

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