Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just another day in my life...

Surrounded by babies...
Clockwise from high chair: Alison (mid-bite), Ethan and the top of Kelvin's head.
Oh yes, and my big nose. Can't miss that.

Everything's the same, you just can't see baby Ethan. He's really there. I promise.

This is how I look when all 3 little ones are here. (As one friend of mine put it, like a momma pig w/ all her piglets! Ha!...Hey. Wait a minute. Should I be offended???)

They compete for attention like crazy, and all clamor around the high chair and beg for food, even if they ate two minutes before.

In these photos, Alison was the last to eat, but the boys insisted they were half-starved, and both desperately wanted in my! ;o)

You may not know this about me, but when I was younger my dream was to be surrounded by babies (all mine, of course), and work with children in some form or fashion.

Some of my former "ideal career choices" ranged from:

  • Running a preschool (12 yrs old)
  • Opening a children's dance studio (14 years old. After my own stunning ballet career had ended, of course.)
  • Becoming a preschool teacher (16 yrs old)
  • Working in an orphanage (9 yrs old, but back then I thought only nuns did that, so I figured I had to be one of those, too)
  • Being a prophet (7 yrs old. No joke, I would go around the playground holding my Bible, shouting things like, "Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand!" I had just read about John the Baptist, and believed it was my job to evangelize all of my heathen peers. *Ahem*)
  • Occasionally, just for fun, I would toy with the idea of becoming a writer (12 yrs and beyond).

So what do I do now??? Let's see, I... homeschool my kids, babysit 4 children, teach Shabbat school, occasionally show Abby a ballet step or two, eagerly desire to adopt an orphan, and write a column for my friends' quarterly e-zine.

Go figure! ;o)

Sometimes it truly amazes me how God has allowed all those desires (desires He no doubt gave me) to come to pass in my life.

Now, I have to admit (lest you think I'm some Patron Saint of Maternalness), there are times when I huff, pout, and generally bemoan my "pathetic" lot in life (like one week out of every month for example...ahem!).

During those moments, I desperately long for a life far more glamorous. One that puts the kids in school, and allows for plenty of uninterrupted "ME" time.

A life that perhaps included a fabulous, high paying job, where I could wear earrings on a daily basis without fear of a toddler yanking them out.

Freedom! Freedom to workout, read, shop, get my nails done, go to the bathroom by myself...whatever! Life is, and should be, all about moi`.

But once the pity-party's over and I come back to my senses, I realize once again that I wouldn't trade this for all the acrylic nails, earrings, and grown-up conversation in the world.

My days are filled with library books, Spongebob, kisses, hugs, runny noses, teething gums, spit bubbles, "love notes" written in crayon, sibling squabbles, Barbie movies, curious toddlers, boo-boos, academic achievements, reprimands, walks around the neighborhood, macaroni & cheese, leaking diapers, singing along with the radio, lots of giggles, and a whole lot of cleaning and laundry.

My life is not the most glamorous, that's true. But when I'm not whining about how crappy life is, I realize that I do feel a deep sense of pride for what I'm doing. And it is an extreme honor to have been chosen by three families to care for what's most precious to them.

I can't tell you what's happening on the soaps, or what the latest fashion is, but I can tell you who's learned to crawl, who said their first word, who got an "A" on their essay, and who's memorized five Bible verses in a row.

I'm one of the blessed--the lucky--the fortunate.

I'm living out my dreams.

And life is good.

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