Thursday, March 8, 2007

March Madness

March is already shaping up to be a very busy month. In addition to the usual goings-on, several birthdays, and the general "daily grind", here is a partial list of all that we've been up to:

  • Ethan's baseball team meeting was earlier this week. I became the newly appointed secretary to the team Manager (our friend, Michelle Drake). Paperwork, including fees and forms, have their own shelf on my desk. (And if you think about it, I have enough info to start my own ID theft crime ring, should I be so inclined. *Insert devious grin here*.)

  • Sierra is going to be the team's Helper this season--and personally in charge of Abbey Drake (Michelle's daughter). She's got her own Everett Little League ball cap to wear, and can't wait for the first game. ;o)

  • My mom had surgery on her right arm for carpel tunnel. Yucky! Unfortunately, the docs said she waited too long to have the surgery done, and there's permanent damage. :o(

  • Abby's 7th birthday is coming up, and I still have to plan it, purchase supplies (she wants a puppy theme), and gifts. Get this; she wants pants--no dresses. (Sob!) And a very fancy doll that will totally break our budget should we get it for her. At least its something "girlie", right? I should be happier about that, but the idea of her not wanting to wear dresses exclusively anymore just hurts!!!! (Waah!)

  • Grandma Deb & Papa Russ sent the kids 2 great big wall maps--world and USA. (Thank you, thank you!) They sure make the computer room look much more neat and academically-oriented. ;o)

  • We finally decided to get rid of toy box from computer room. (That small change had the same effect on the room as the maps! Nifty!)

  • The girls got bunk beds, Ethan got a new headboard. There's much more space in the girls' room now, and Ej's room looks very sharp and "young man"-esque.

  • We made our first major furniture purchase ever (with the exception of beds). We bought a new couch and matching love seat! Yippee! Dean & I laughed about how we were finally "grown ups"! ;o)

  • Dean cleaned the gutters, de-mossed the roof and some heavy leaf-blowing this last weekend. Everything looks very, very nice and I no longer cringe every time we pull into the driveway.

So as you can see, we Oppers don't take any time off from being our busy selves. ;o) And if we ever did, we'd probably be incredibly bored.

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