Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 2: M.O.V. Study

We foolishly began our study time today shortly after the twins had eaten lunch. This was foolish because both demanded our attention, and didn't take kindly to just sitting sweetly on our laps while we read. ;-)

After trying unsuccessfully to speak over their growing "din", we realized it was time for a little nap. (Ahhh!) It seems they were ready for their rest much earlier than we had anticipated.

Once we had them all snuggled into their playpens, we hopped up onto Sierra's top bunk and kicked back with the book and our Bibles.

We read and discussed chapters 5 (Loving Your Own Nest) and 14 (The Bath: Powdered and Perfumed).

Some of the questions we discussed were as follows:

How could outward cleanliness be a reflection of inward purity?
Does outward cleanliness *always* mean one's heart is also clean?
How does our good grooming and hygiene reflect upon us? Our family? On Christ?
What sin(s) are we commiting if we choose not to pay attention to our appearance?

What are five things about your family that you are most thankful for?
Have you ever wished you had a different family other than your own? What commandment are you breaking?

See? I told you this was good stuff! ;-)

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