Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"We sound alike, we think alike...and we cook alike!"

Ok, so I'm totally off on the ol' Patty Duke Show theme song. But tonight our family witnessed yet another area in which Sierra is just like me.

Wanna know what she did???? ;-)

Drumroll, please...................................

She set the microwave on fire.

Yeppers!! My Siamese Twin Separated by 19 Years broke the first Rule of Cooking By Nuking, by reheating an order of buffalo wings while still INSIDE the tin foil wrapping.


A small flame shot out the side of the innocent Little Caesars box, scorching the back of the microwave, and quickly filled the kitchen with the stench of burnt cardboard.

She immediately yanked open the microwave door, and carefully removed the Buffalo a' Flambe`. I doused the flaming box corner with some water, grabbed a plastic plate, and explained again...very slowly...how we NEVER EVER EVER place metal inside a microwave oven.

My daughter, being the home schooled genius that she is, insisted it wasn't "hard metal" and therefore, should be exempt from such combustible behavior.


However, she has accepted responsibility and thus learned from this experience (and I got a tremendous kick out of it.)

You see, when I was her age, I nearly set the toaster on fire while making Eggo Waffles.

Don't ask.

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