Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To Write and What to Write?

I want to write a book. Or at least and E-book. Nothing major or exceptionally long, mind you. Just a little booklet that expresses an idea of mine that would be of interest to more than just a select few.

Trouble is, I can't seem to nail down what topic I want to write about, which pushes my bestselling E-book debut further into the future. (Bummer)

I have several ideas floating around in my peabrain. Just can't decide which one is most worthy to be "first".

I know of several ladies who've written fantastic E-books on everything from scheduling and homekeeping, to home business ideas, home schooling methods, and frugal recipes. Where do my ideas fit into all of this? Could I consider myself an "expert" in any of these areas, and if so, would any potential E-book I write be a re-hashing of someone else's work? Do I have anything new to add to any of these topics? Topics that interest me, but alas, topics that have been written about in abundance already.

What is it that I do, or believe, or practice that would be new and fresh for others to read about and/or implement? What have I done that makes me stand out?

My sister once said my life was like a soap opera...but writing about me and everyone that helped shape my life--for good or bad--could be bad. I could get sued or something horrible like that. (Egads!)

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