Thursday, June 14, 2007

Abby the Ballerina!

Woohoo! I've finally got my ballerina! I've waited years for this moment. I tried with Sierra when she was about 5 yrs old, but she's NOT the dancer-type. (She's my sporty girl instead.)

But Abby...Abby *wants* to be a ballerina! And I'm more than happy to help turn her dream into reality. ;o)

These pictures are from her first ballet class last Friday at our local Recreation Center. Her best friend, Julianah is taking class with her, so the two of them are stuck together like glue! Its sooooo cute!

Oh my...speaking of which...Here's a funny background story behind the whole ballet class experience.

Julianah's mom, Amanda phoned and asked if I'd be ok with Julianah joining Abby's ballet class. She thought it would be a nice surprise for the girls, but didn't want to intrude on anything special for Abby. (I told you she was the sweetest thing ever!)
Of course I didn't mind, and was really excited at the idea. ;o) Neither girl had a clue what was going on until the day of class, when Julianah was told. Afterall, how else was Amanda to get her dressed in her new leotard and tights without Julianah asking "why"??? ;o)

So the day of class, they got there a minute before we did. Abby spies Julianah, lets out a "whoop" of joy, and rushes out of the van (once Daddy had parked of course) toward her waiting best friend.

Abby asked, "What are you doing here?" Amanda replied in a teasing voice, "Oh we just came to watch you. Is that ok?"

And of course it was. The girls linked arms and started walking toward the doors.

Me, not being able to stand the suspense of the charade any longer, turned to Abby and said, "Abby, look at Julianah's hair. Notice anything? Its up in a bun, just like yours. And see here..." pulling aside her warm up jacket to reveal a bit of her blue leotard, "she's wearing the exact same thing as you! Now think about it...what does all this mean?"

Surely she MUST realize what's going on by now, right?

Right...? (Gulp)

Abby studies Julianah for a moment, the wheels slowly turning in her mind.

Suddenly she squeals with utmost delight, "WE'RE TWINS!"

Everyone burst out laughing!

"Nooo, Abby..." I said between giggles, "She's taking ballet class with you! Don't you see? She's dressed for class!"

Another brief pause. "Oooohhhh..." Abby replied, finally--finally--getting it. After that, she was even more excited than before. (And I didn't think that was possible.)

That's our Pookie for you! ;o) Her fun personality is just one of the many reasons why we love her so much.
In fact, two of my friends have recently likened Abby to either champagne or soda pop. Interesting, huh? I think that analogy suits her nicely. All bubbly and sparkly.

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