Monday, June 11, 2007

A Day In My Life

Well here it is! A day in my life, as recorded digitally by yours truly and my lovely assistant, Sierra. Now you can get an up close 'n personal view of our day, which is pretty full and never boring. ;-) Enjoy!

I start the day at 5am during the week. (Unless Rachel arrives early that day, in which case its 4:30am instead.) After spending a good 10 minutes thinking about what I want to wear, I drag my body out of bed, grab my clothes and get in the shower.

After all the necessary morning "stuff" like teeth brushing (I do this before & after breakfast, then again in the evening), make up application, and doing my hair, I turn our alarm system off and get my morning prayer time started.

Today I read from the book of James (my favorite!), and a chapter from "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian.

At 5:45am, its time to wake Dean up for work. This usually rub his back for a few minutes, but today it was his leg/hip. It was hurting him again (and for the sake of privacy, I didn't photograph this particular moment--smiles).

Dean's in the shower now, and its 5:55am. At this point, I begin my daily housework by making our bed, putting away last night's clean dishes, feeding and tying up the dog in the computer room (she's not allowed around the daycare children as she's a pitbull), and a mini workout.

After Dean's showered and dressed, we watch the morning news and eat breakfast together. He's trying his best to choke down some cereal, but its just not appealing to him (and again, I chose not to photograph this as I felt he wasn't in the mood). I offered to make him a bagel and cream cheese, but he declined. My meal consists of a banana and chai tea--my first cup of the day.

6:30am. Off to work he goes! Now its time to check my email and get the daily laundry started (yes, daily).

The children start waking up at this point, and its about 7:30am. Ethan seems especially groggy today, but quickly perks up when I remind him that his friend, Nathan will be over later for a playdate.

Normally the twins arrive around 7:30am and Kelvin at 8am. But today, they all arrived at the same time...which was fine, except Kelvin doesn't like it when I leave the house to help Mrs. Dumo bring the babies in. (Oops) Good thing he has Abby to cuddle and soothe him!

The twins are inside, and ready for breakfast. Today their mom sent over a banana to mash in their oatmeal. Yummy!

Once breakfast is had by all, its time to start the shower/baths. While Sierra's bathing, Ethan and Abby make their beds and do a language arts lesson on their "school" website, while they wait their turn in the bathroom (we only have one).

Ahh...perfect timing! Sierra's out of the shower. She and Ethan brush their teeth, then Sierra takes charge of the babies while I wash Ej's hair.

Hooray! Rachel's here now! And look...she brought toys to share. What a nice girl.

Time to wash up the breakfast dishes, put the laundry in the dryer, then treat myself to a second cup of chai. ;-) Sounds good to me!

I thought the pantry was looking pretty disorganized, so the kids and I got to work. ;-) They had fun tossing things out, and helping me line everything up nice 'n neat. Doesn't it look nice now?

(By the way, ya'll can thank my sister, Desiree` for this. She's the queen of organization and keeps her home immaculate! It always made me laugh--on the inside--whenever she'd come over and line up all my canned goods and other pantry items. I thought she was a tad obsessive-compulsive! Ahem! But now look at me! Love you, sis. ;-) Smooches!)

After such a busy morning, it was time for the twins to take their morning nap. Ethan quickly grabbed two lightsabers from his room so he and Nate could play "Star Wars", as Nathan was due to arrive shortly. And the rule is, once the babies are down, there's no going back inside the bedrooms for anything!

Good night, baby...I'll see you when you wake up.

Nathan has arrived, and Ethan's thrilled as can be! He just loves getting together with his best friend. Normally Nathan's little sister, Alexandria comes along as well, but today she's at a birthday party. So its "just the boys". ;-)

While the guys do their thing, the girls are busy doing theirs. Here's Rachel and Abby doing...something with Neopets cards and a baby carrier. Interesting. And of course, Sierra's reading. :-)

Now I have to check my daily list to see what else needs to be done. I quickly become very scatterbrained if I don't do this on a daily basis. *Must* Have* List*!

And according to the list, I still haven't tackled the bathroom or the dusting yet. Ooops! I guess I'd better get started.

In the meantime, the girls' laundry is done. Time to put it away, Ladies!

12:15pm There's a ton going on at this point in the day. The twins are up from their nap, Kelvin needs a nap, and its time for lunch. Oh my!

12:20pm Whew! Time for a nice break. Let's eat! Everyone wash your hands, and get up to the table. Today's children's special; chicken nuggets and peaches. My lunch will be a veggie sandwich.

12:45pm Once lunch is over, its time to clean the kitchen and wash up the dishes--again! (It never ends, I tell ya.) I also realize that with all the running in-and-out the children have been doing, the floor needs to be re-swept. I honestly think I sweep about 5 times a day.

1:00pm Nathan's mom, Rachel and sister Alexandria have arrived to pick Nathan up. Seeing how the boys don't want to leave each other's sides just yet, Rachel decides to stay for a bit and chat (Hooray!). I love visiting with her. She's such a nice lady. She also picked up her Creative Memories order while she was here, too. ;-)

I would've taken a picture, but I spaced it (can you believe it?) I've been snapping photos all day, and I forgot to record a friend over--for me! Sheesh! I must be losing steam or something.

Anyway, Nathan and family left at about 1:30pm, and I think the kids need some "quiet time". Let's watch Max & Ruby guys, shall we? Oh yes...and I want another cup of chai. This will make 3 so far. (Ahem)

How can anyone not love babies? They're the most wonderful little things ever!

Here's Ethan playing in the plastic dishes cupboard (I normally call it the Tupperware cupboard, but I only have 1 "real" tupperware item), and Alison having a ball with a nearly deflated balloon.

Hooray! A text message from Dean. I just love those! Heehee! I think I need more chai. Doesn't that sound good?

Kelvin woke up just after 2pm. I tried to put the twins down for their afternoon naps, but they weren't having it today!! (Oh my...) Hopefully they won't be too grumpy later for Mommy. (Ha ha ha) And for me, this means no workout this afternoon. Bummer. :-(

3:30pm Shana arrives to pick up the babies. Her sister, Tiffani (Rachel's mommy) arrived right after her. And wouldn't you know it? Kelvin starting crying when I went out to help Shana load up the twins...oh dear!

3:40pm Ahh...Kelvie's happy again. What a sweet boy. Now that the twins are gone, I'm all yours! :-) Let's play a game of catch, shall we?

4:52pm Kelvin has left for the day. Time for Ethan and Abby to help me get the house back in order. Toys put away, playpens taken down, rooms straightened, let the dog off her leash and feed her, etc.

Dean's going to be late getting home as he had to run an errand after work. He took Sierra with him so as to utilize the carpool lane. ;-) They should be home within the hour, I'd imagine.

Time to start dinner! Abby asked to help stir the rice. Isn't she cute? We're having turkey burgers, rice and corn tonight. While that's all cooking, Dean's unwinding in front of the computer for a bit. (And no, he didn't wear the tie-dyed shorts to work...honest!)

And of course, now that supper's over...time to clean the kitchen! Its a wonder I don't have dish-pan hands. Maybe its because I use Palmolive dishwashing liquid. "Madge..! I soaked in it!" Remember that commercial? (Or did I just totally reveal my age?)

Anyway, the kitchen's all sparkly again and now its time for Sierra to begin her yearly achievement test. This is the same test that I took back in the day, so its producing an odd, queasy sensation in the pit of my stomach just explaining the procedure to her. (UGH!) I never did like those testing days....

8:45pm Time for bed! Jammies, teeth, and hugs...chop, chop! (Just kidding) We let the children either read or play their Game Boys in bed for a bit. Then its "lights out" at 9:30pm. (Or later, if I get caught up in something...ahem.)

Once they were all snug in bed, and Dean was settled comfortably on the couch waiting for the start of "Hell's Kitchen", I got a tremendous organization bug bite (please refer to the pic earlier with the newly re-done pantry!). I decided to weed out a junk drawer.

Can you believe how many different papers we have stuffed in here? Jeepers, Batman! My filing cabinet's going to hate me after this.

10:00pm Once I completely gutted that drawer (and I mean gutted...there's not a single thing in it now!), I moved on to a smaller drawer and weeded it, too. (Dean was so proud of me! Ha ha!)

10:45pm Finally, Dean and I are going to bed. Whew! Its been a long day. Oh man! I missed Hell's Kitchen. Oh well. There's always next least my cupboards are cleaner. ;-) That always makes me happy.

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