Friday, June 1, 2007

Home School

Homeschool went really well today. I worked with Sierra on division and a list of ten vocabuluary words.

Yes, technically Sierra did finish her school work from The Jubilee Academy, and therefore, should be on summer vacation. But I don't want her mind to get stale, or let her mindlessly dink around on the computer all day, so there's a few lessons I'd like her to do.

And since I'm the Mom, I'll do whatever I want. ;o)

I worked with Ethan today on his reading--both comprehension and fluency. Fluency is his main sticking point right now. He can read pretty well (better than he lets on most of the time!), but still reads choppy, kind of like a robot. So we're working on that.

He also completed two chapter tests in Math and got perfect scores on each! Woohoo! He was very pleased to see the big gold star with the word, "Mastered" stretched across it. ;o)

Abby covered the suffixes "er" and "est" in Language Arts, and read a short story to me. She then completed a chapter test in Math, and like her brother, received a perfect score (and a big gold Mastered star).

After that, I typed out the months of the year and printed two copies out. I then cut the months into cards, and gave a set to both Ethan and Abby. We then went over the calendar, the number equivalents (1-12), and learned to recite them in order.

They had a lot of fun mixing the cards up, then racing to see who could put them in order the fastest. (Everything has to be a game with them.) They did really well with it. Much better than with the calendar worksheet they did a few months ago. (Yawn!) And of course, having their own calendars above their desks helps, too. ;o)

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