Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Kids' First E-books!

Hey Everyone!

Sierra & Ethan are official "published" authors! If you'd like to read Ethan's very first E-book, titled "The Adventures of Spike and Cassie" click here.

Sierra's E-book, "The Adventures of Candy Girl & Monkey Boy" is found here.

By the way, these are NOT free. The children are looking to earn money over the summer by way of self-publishing their stories. I thought this would be a fun way to encourage entrepreneurialism (ooooh, fancy word!) and creative writing--something Ethan normally hates.
So please spread the word that for a couple of dollars, you can read some fun, very special stories written by my awesome children! ;o)

(Please note that these are E--electronic--books. Which means you'll be able to download and save the books to your computer. You can always print the book(s) out if you so choose.)

I did all of the typing with Ethan's book, but the words are his own.

Sierra's story was previously given as a gift to family members, so this is more for those who've never read it. She's currently working on the follow up story, which will be uploaded to our Storefront as soon as its ready.

Thank you for looking!!

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