Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meeting Chaeli (Yen Yen)!!!

Woohoo! This past Shabbat, we were blessed with Miss Chaeli (Yen Yen) Byrd's presence! Her grandparents brought her to church, and everyone just adored and fawned over her. (The story of her adoption from China is linked under the My Favorite Blogs section on the left under, Miracle of Adoption.)

Yen Yen is the sweetest little (and I mean *little*) thing ever! Just like a china doll. Absolutely beautiful, thoughtful eyes, coupled with an incredibly charming smile. Ahhh....she's a keeper! ;-)

What was really neat though, was how she totally "took" to Sierra and Ethan. We adults were amazed! Once Chaeli was in Sierra's arms, she wouldn't go to anyone else--except Ethan. She even slapped her grandma's hands away when she tried to take her back. Oh my goodness! What a funny girl.

I hope we can see her again soon. She's just too cute not to cuddle with on a regular basis. Congratulations once again to Dan and have indeed been blessed.

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