Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mindless Blatherings

That's all I have for ya'll this evening. Mindless blatherings. But you're here, so I might as well make it worth your time, right? ;o)

So! Dean was able to secure the use of an old, 8mm video camera from work so we could copy all of our *old home movies* onto DVD.

I have an old camera that the tapes were all originally made with, but it no longer shows pictures or sound. Lovely.

Now we're in the middle of the mammoth task of digitizing (wooo...big word!) all the many, many adventures of Sierra --from a wee 5 month old, 'til the time when her brother Ethan entered the world. (And a few random moments afterward.) And maybe...just maybe...there's a few scattered--and brief--moments of Abby's babyhood on there as well.

Its turning into quite the pain in the rear, so your prayers for the success of this venture are appreciated. (Ahem)

And I just realized that I took a LOT of really, boring video. (No offense, Sierra.) But seriously, I recorded that girl doing everything--eating, breathing, laughing, reaching for objects, staring at me, sleeping, burping, watching TV, dancing to Barney songs...(Ha ha!) Oh well. That's what the trusty "fast forward" button's for, right? ;o)

In other news...Dean has applied for a position with the local hospital's IT dept. (No, he hasn't quit his job, nor is he out of work in general.) He has a phone interview set up for tomorrow after work. (Interesting, eh?) So if you feel inclined, please pray for this matter as well. ;o)

Man, its HOT in here! UGH! We simply have to save up for a second A/C for the computer room. That's all there is to it. It gets sooo stifling back here, its disgusting. Blech!!

I've gone and done something incredibly foolish. I've eaten 4 little ice cream w/ fudge brownie containers from Schwans, over the past two days. (One yesterday...three today.)

Its terrible, but true. Here I am, completely lactose intolerant; I break out over the smallest ingestion of dairy, and I'm eating ice cream and chocolate like there's no tomorrow!

And of course, tomorrow will come with much weeping and gnashing of teeth (after I step on the scale and look in the mirror).

Why would I do such a stupid thing? Because...I'm female. A female who's in the middle of that one week of every month (ahem), that makes us think, say, do, and eat things we normally don't.

At least, that's my excuse.

But on the bright was good! ;o)

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to see about burning off some of these excess calories in the form of pouting over my lack of will-power.

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