Friday, June 15, 2007

My First Homeschool Convention

Whew! What a day! I'm back from attending (courtesy of my friend, Michelle) my first ever Washington Homeschool Organization Convention.

It was 2 hrs of booth-after-booth of awesome curriculum, games, software, learning toys, college information, DVD demonstrations, and freebies galore to paw through, examine, compare and drool over. ;o)

Michelle & I did a really quick walk-thru of everything, then separated for the final hour to go back to those tables/booths that we were particularly interested in.

I found several curriculums represented there that I'd been curious to try, and after seeing them all, I quickly learned which ones would NEVER work for my children, which one would never work for ME as the "teacher", and another that looked really GREAT for all of us. (I'm so glad I didn't buy anything before hand!)

Another thing I really liked, was learning more about a few local and out-of-state colleges that accept/seek/cater to homeschool grads, and a local company that creates *amazing looking transcripts* for significantly less money than I've seen elsewhere! With Sierra getting older and being the high achiever that she is, I've started thinking about high school and the possibility of college. Not that she wants to even attend college at this point...but it doesn't hurt to weigh all of the options.

Moving on!

I could've easily purchased a good $300 worth of stuff, if I had the money to do so. ;o) But I walked away with only a bag of freebies and a lot of good insight...which was exactly what I came for.

Thanks again, Michelle! :o) I had a good time! (Even if we did get lost leaving the parking lot...ahem)

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