Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Kid's a Freaking GENIUS!!!!!

Woohoo! We received Sierra's achievement test scores in today's mail and the results are *astounding*!!!

Now, we all know she's quite intelligent (gets it from me, of course--ha!). But her test scores also reflect that not only am I:
  • not exaggerating her intellect
  • I'm not doing her a disservice by homeschooling

So with that said, I shall now engage in some *serious* Mommy Bragging! ;o)


Overall Grade Equivalent: 11.3 (11th grade, 3rd month)

Vocabulary: Post High School; National Percentile Ranking: 98%

Comprehension: Grade 9.5; National Percentile Ranking: 85%

Spelling: Post High School; National Percentile Ranking: 99%

Language Mechanics: Post High School; National Percentile Ranking: 99%

Language Expression: Post High School; National Percentile Ranking: 94%

Mathematics Computation: Grade 4.8 (Gets this from me...ahem); National Percentile Ranking: 23%

Math Concepts: Grade 7.5 (was able to use a calculator--ha!); National Percentile Ranking: 76%

Study Skills: Grade 8.1; National Percentile Ranking: 78%

Science: Grade 6.7; National Percentile Ranking: 61%

Social Studies: Grade 11.0; National Percentile Ranking: 85%

And like any true perfectionist, she was very upset about her math score. (Sigh)

But like I told her, these scores *don't matter one bit* in the grand scheme of life. Sure, it's really cool to brag about your child's success--I'm not going to deny it! (Grins!) But as long as she knows how to add, subtract, multiply and divide---she'll make it through life juuuuust fine.

God has a good plan in mind for her, and will use her language skills to bring great glory and honor to Him one day. I just know it!!

Rock on, Bear! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!

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