Monday, June 4, 2007

A Very Sweet Family and a Prayer Request

Last night, we had the great pleasure of hosting our dear friend, Amanda's surprise birthday party. In the photo, clockwise from left: Amanda's mother, Sylvia, Amanda's father, Daniel, her sister Lisa Marie and her son Elijah, Amanda's daughter Julianah, and finally Amanda beaming in the center. Are they not one of the most gorgeous families you've ever seen??? ;o)

The decorations--balloons, and pink and yellow streamers--were simple, yet lovely. Sylvia and I had hung up the streamers, while Dean and Daniel blew up (sometimes literally) the balloons.

And the food---oh my goodness--it was scrumptious. My hubby grilled everything from hot dogs and turkey burgers, to veggie patties to perfection! And the Calderon's brought TONS of side dishes---beans, green salad, potato salad, an amazing cake, and the most incredible rice you've ever tasted! (Yummy)

A word of wisdom: If you're going to have a party, be sure to invite a Mexican family! You'll be so blissfully full, yet you won't want to stop. ;o)

We all had such a wonderful time just sitting back, chatting, and enjoying the dawn of a new year for Amanda. She truly is one of the most gentle women I've ever known. (In fact, all the women in her family are.) She's the type of woman that makes you feel good after having spent only a few minutes in her presence. And that feeling lasts for long time. I'm very thankful to count her as a friend, and delighted that our daughters share an even closer friendship.

The only flaw of the day...and this is where my prayer request comes in...was when we learned that our beloved Pastor, David Yaniv (above photo) had a stroke and is in the CCU of the hospital. Pastor David's wife, Sheila believes he had it upon initially leaving from Israel last week. There is some bleeding in his brain, but beyond that we won't know more until Sheila sees him later today.

So if you think about it, please say a prayer for Pastor David. He's such an incredibly sweet, kind and loving man. We're all praying that he's back on his feet quickly, and makes a full recovery.

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