Monday, June 25, 2007

What a Weekend!

Our weekend started out quite beautifully. Friday was the last day of school for many of the local school children (mine not included--ha!). Abby had her ballet class at 5pm, followed by all of the kids going to Grandma's (their Friday night ritual).

Saturday we attended Ethan's baseball Jamboree and Awards. This consists of a round robin of games, a picnic, followed by each player receiving a bag of wonderful "goodies" like a T-shirt and pins, and of course--a fabuloso trophy. ;o) We had a wonderful time, and Ethan was in heaven!

The only "bummer" was that Dean and I got a bit sunburned (OUCH). His face more so than my arms. Poor guy! :o(

But then later that night, Dean & I had the esteemed pleasure of attending Miss Rachel's and her big sister, Lindsey's dance recital! Woohoo! The girls did an amazing job, and truly looked wonderful on the stage. I was so proud of my surrogate daughters! ;o)

Sunday, we held a small "going away" gathering for our friend, Dee Dee. She's spent this past school year visiting her grandparents who're friends of ours from church. Dee Dee is going back home to Georgia later this week. She will be sorely missed by all, especially Sierra. The two of them have grown close over the past 10 months, but I hope they continue to write and phone each other.

Now, throughout all of this, Ethan had been complaining off 'n on of a sore throat. Being that its allergy season, I gave him some Triaminic for sore throats, and he was fine. He never stopped eating, drinking or playing. In fact, he seemed quite normal. Not even a hint of fever.

So Sunday night rolls around, and we were coming home from the mall. Ethan suddenly bursts into tears in the backseat and screams, "My throat hurts BAD!!!"

We make a mad-dash to the drug store and pick up some chloreseptic spray and lozenges. He immediately sucked down a lozenge and said he felt better.

We then made our way into the house and he's acting fine once again. Interesting.

Then, hearing a small voice in my head say, "Check him for strep throat", I decide to grab a small light and told him to "open up".

Sure enough...white pockets.


Now, these babies were NOT there a few days ago when he initially complained about the pain. I looked, and there was nothing.

But now...well...different story.

And of course, me--being the total dope I am--made the fatal error of uttering "Oh no" as I was looking down his throat. (Ahem) Ethan immediately starts *screaming* at the top of his lungs, "I don't want to die!!! Aaaaaagghhh!!! I don't want to die!!!!"

I'm not kidding you; that boy was hysterical!

Dean and I kept telling him to calm down, that he wasn't going to die, it was just strep throat, etc. But he didn't believe us. His reply was, "But you don't KNOW that! How do you KNOW I'm not going to die?!"

Oh goodness gracious....

So we flew back out of the house, and over to the walk in clinic. They're closed. Great!

Fly over to the ER, knowing we'll be seen there, but its going to take awhile. (Sigh)

And the whole time Ethan's SCREAMING, "I don't want to DIE!!!!!" and threatening to either vomit or passout. Seriously. He asked, "Mommy? What does it feel like when you're going to pass out?"

I told him he'd better NOT pass out, and he needed to *breathe*. (Are ya'll laughing yet?)

He insisted he couldn't calm down or breathe, so I demonstrated deep breathing from the front seat, which he mimicked.

So....long story short (I know, too late), we made it through the ER in about 1.5 hrs. He got a prescription for amoxicillan which Dean had flavored with apple (Ethan's favorite fruit).

I stayed up 'til well past 10pm, attacking every possible surface with bleach water and several dishcloths. (As a matter of fact, when Dean returned home from picking up the apple rx, he said the whole house "reeked of bleach". Oops!)

Ethan's feeling much better this morning (thank G-d!), and is resting comfortably on the couch.

What a weekend, huh? ;o)

I think I have the most dramatic children on the planet...Abby with her vomitting over losing her first tooth, Ethan carrying on like a banshee over the words "Oh no" and strep throat....

Hmm...I wonder if they both get it from me?? I'll have to ask my mother sometime. ;o)

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