Friday, July 6, 2007

The Cutest Thing on Four Legs!

Introducing, "Israel Calderon", a very charming 12 week old yorkie puppy. This wee man is Julianah's beloved new friend, who has quickly captured the hearts of everyone he meets.

Amanda was so sweet to have brought him over to our house for our annual 4th of July/Dean's birthday BBQ. (Yup! My hubby's a big 37 years old now! Heehee!)

When she phoned to ask if it was ok, I was nearly leaping for joy at the very thought of seeing such a creature. (I LOVE little dogs!) And when she first handed him to me....O! What bliss! What a treasure! Everyone was completely head over heels for him, and his presence really made the day perfect.

Oh my goodness, I want one soooo bad!!!! Of course, Dean said I could have one just like him, but honestly...I can't afford such a dapper fellow, and we still have Dean's pitbull, Cassie. (Sigh) But someday I'll have the poochie of my dreams. You can count on it. ;-)

Anyway! Back to Israel!

As you can see, he's super-duper tiny. Amanda said that when he's full grown, he'll weigh a whopping 6 lbs. ;o) Isn't he absolutely precious?!

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